enterprise autobiographies


  • prose and khans, by james t. kirk
  • invented in russia, by pavel a. chekov
  • have you met my plants, by hikaru sulu
  • vulcans not vulcants, by s’chn t’gai spock
  • rephrase that, by montgomery scott
  • a little flight music, by nyota u. uhura
  • i should have said no, by leonard h. mccoy
  • i did say no but nobody listened, by leonard h. mccoy
  • in space nobody can hear you scream but listen harder because i’m shouting at you, by leonard h. mccoy


it’s really funny bc like listening to english majors talk about their classes or projects theyre really articulate and they use complex words and stuff and it’s very prestigious sounding and then you listen to science majors and if theyre just talking amongst themselves it sounds more like “yeah i put the compound in the thing and honestly i was hoping for a little boom but all i got was a sizzle i dont know what i did wrong.”